Made in Brooklyn, New York.
Joey in his natural habitat.

Sup! I'm Joe, the guy behind Joey.

I'm a front-end designer/developer with a degree in advertising and a knack for user experience.
In 2014 I have:

  • finished a Ruby on Rails programming course at General Assembly
  • spearheaded the visual design for MTV's music video streaming app for Viacom
  • developed the front-end for Blue Chair Bay Rum at Carrot while learning Stylus, Jade, Coffeescript and Git's interactive rebase technique.

Currently I'm working on revamping the Yale School of Medicine website at a great agency called Adoptive in SoHo during the day, freelancing and learning Meteor JS at night.

I’ve tinkered with computers for 15 years; got my start on a Tandy back in the late 80's, built webpages on Angelfire in the 90's, built Linux servers out of scraps in the 00's, and after moving a bunch of times I ended up at Virginia Commonwealth University where I learned the art of grabbing people's attention. Today I continue learning new ways to grab people’s attention on the Web, wherever the Web happens to be.

When I'm not learning random facts on the Net or working I'm blogging around Brooklyn, taking pictures on Instagram, DJing, sketching out app ideas, hanging out with friends talking about science or my collegues about code and design.

JOEY is a one-page, responsive portfolio powered by an associative array that feeds projects from a PHP foreach loop to on-demand JSON data. Javascript watches hashchanges in the browser’s address bar and the logic decides what data to show and where from.

View the source in Github.

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