The Average Student

We surveyed hundreds of high school students, and found massive problems with student productivity. Here were the three biggest culprits.


Especially in the digital age with Instagram and Snapchat, it is easy to procrastinate.


As a result of a high workload and lack of organization, most high schoolers only get 6-7 hours of sleep.


High school students are BUSY with sports, arts and other obligations.

Enter Joey

Joey is an AI-powered assistant that tells you the easiest way to complete your work around your obligations. This maximizes your sleep each night, reduces procrastination and removes the need to juggle schoolwork around extracurriculars

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With a tap of a button, Joey uses advanced artificial intelligence to transform your to-do list into a daily schedule.

Daily Briefings

Each day, Joey gives you a rundown of what your schoolwork load looks like, so you can plan ahead during the day.


Using Joey to maximize your productivity gives you virtual points and levels, keeping you motivated to keep working.


We are a team of passionate high-school students who love to tackle even the hardest problems.

Amrit Baveja

Amrit Baveja

AI and Cloud
    The Branson School ’21. Works as a Machine Learning Engineer at Splice Machine and conducts deep learning research in bioinformatics.
Rohan Vasishth

Rohan Vasishth

iOS Design
    The University of Chicago ’24. Mentor at QuarterZero, Creator of ZipShare, a popular carpooling app and former TEDx speaker.
Beck Lorsch

Beck Lorsch

iOS Integration
    Marin Academy ’21. Creator of auxen, an easy way to manage the music while with others, and builder of apps since he was 8.

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